Succes Stories from our Members

Let me first start by describing my body. 36-24-36 – I know, it’s the perfect hourglass figure and everything you want in a 28 year-old play toy. I have long, flowing blonde hair, a face like porcelain and a body like a goddess. I am a very classy lady, posh, refined and proper. Which is […]

Set Your Goals and Go For It!

Dating sites are more prevalent than ever with the dominance of such social phenomena as smart phones and social networking. One site that stands out among the rest is It’s not just a normal online dating site. It’s an online adult dating community where everyone wants the same thing. All you have to do […]

1,2,3 and You’re Set!

It is quite easy and self-explanatory to use HookupXXX, but it’s always to your advantage to know as much as possible going in. That way you can get right in and not have to waste any time that you could be using picking up a local girl to have sex with. You can always tweak […]

Why go to Bars & Clubs to Hook Up?

Online dating has replaced going out to bars as the leading method to find a date. In much the same way; HookupXXX has replaced most other sites of its kind as the leading method to get laid. The only drawback of most dating sites is that they are expensive. It’s difficult to find which sites […]

Find Sex Online

Almost every man has a strong urge to have sex. The libido of a man causes him to constantly look for girls who will have sex with him. If they can’t find a girl, they have to masturbate to release the pressure. There have been many ways that men have looked for sex over the […]

Is HookupXXX for me?

Dating sites are there for just about anyone who is looking for a companion or someone to hang out with. There are some sites, on the other hand, that are just for the big boys. Enjoy a very adult hook up if you just want to cut to the chase and get right to the […]

What Kind of Girls can I find on HookupXXX

There are a handful of sites that stand out when it comes to dating and adult online dating specifically. Among those sites, only a select few will get you laid every time. It’s sometimes hard to find someone to have casual sex on major dating sites because a lot of the women want a relationship. […]

How to Hook Up Online

When navigating the massive world of online dating, it’s always to your advantage to know what to expect. Each dating site has its own unique characteristics that make it popular. HookupXXX is a dating site that is geared toward a certain type of user. It is much as the name would suggest. Simply put; it’s […]

Do’s and Don’ts in the Online Dating World

Online dating and especially adult dating has evolved since the invention of the internet. It used to be rare that a hot girl would go to a dating site to find a date. Now it’s not only common, there are multiple incarnations of dating sites. Below are a few do’s and don’ts that could be […]